New Demo version of RVSite builder and Cpanel -(name & pass = x3demob)
We now offer Site Studio - SiteStudio allows you create a professional-looking web site completely over the internet (the software sits on our severs), you don't need any special knowledge or experience. Try our demo here
Zynet has upgraded the servers for a more stable and reliable connection.
Zynet moved to a new home in Scottsdale.
12-20-95 Our news server has 11 gigabytes of disk space! Enjoy!
Added complete newsgroup list and search form to Zynet entry page. (no longer available) Use the news server provided by your ISP (the one you use to connect to the internet).
Zynet now uses new software for SLIPP/CSLIP/PPP sessions. The new software is much faster and more configurable. People who previously had startup delay problems should notice a dramatic speedup.
Letter from the originator of ZyNet SouthWest
Formally Zycors Lair: Phoenix, Sacramento, and Albuquerque.
Added the What's New and Zynet FAQ pages.

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