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Zynet Users' Homepages

Attention Zynet users: If you would like your homepage listed here, or if you would like to provide a better description of it, please send email to


New Mexico Schools

Sandia Prep School
A forum for kids to express their concerns about politics and community issues

The University of New Mexico

New Mexico State University

New Mexico Tech
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

New Mexico Tech's Electrical Engineering and Physics Departments

New Mexico Tech's Computer Science Department

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

New Mexico Museum of Natural History

The Santa Fe Institute
A private, independent, multidisciplinary research and education center

Scholarship/Finacial Aid Information

Winning Scholarship Searches

Crestar Student Loan

Free Money For College!

Info-Center....The Scholarship Source

Funding Opportunities

US Bank Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Other Educational Resources

The Faculty Lounge
Internet Help for K-12 Teachers

A New Way to Learn Via the Internet

Servers related to Education and Educational Technology

Government Web Sites

Census Bureau

FBI's 10 Most Wanted

FedWorld Information Network






US Patent & Trademark Office

WWW Services

Search servers
Zynet's list of search servers.

The Imaging Machine
This sevice will grab an image from your directory, perform the desired operation, and give it back.

FIGLET Service
Good for making big ascii fonts.

HOMR - Helpful On-Line Music Recommendation Service
Recommends bands based on what you tell it you like.

AT&T 800 Directory on the Internet
Very useful!

World Wide Yellow Pages
A big list of businesses on the Net.

All about HTML

Beginner's guide to write HTML files
A great place to start.

HTML Quick Reference
A quick reference to HTML 2 tags.

HTML: Working and Background Materials
The HTML 2 and proposed HTML 3 drafts are here, as well as VRML, SGML, and style sheets.

All about CGI
Contains pointers to information and resources on the Common Gateway Interface.

All about Imagemaps
A step-by-step tutorial for designing and serving graphical maps of information resources.

Netscape extensions to HTML
Explains the Netscape extensions to the HTML 2 specification.

HTML converters
Programs that convert between HTML and a variety of other formats.

A WYSIWYG editor for image maps.


Web Site Promotion

On Line Calculators
Mortgage Calculator
Mortage payment calculator


Resourcelinks Business Directory
Business Directory
Suppliers Directory - Free Small Business Web Directory

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