WWW, WAIS, and Web Search Servers.

COMMA Hotlist Database
Subject Search

Content Router

CUI W3 Catalog

A unified interface for several search engines that do resource discovery and in the Web.

Distributedly Administered Categorical List Of Documents

Fish-Search from www.win.tue.nl
Activates the fish-search on server www.win.tue.nl.

Database for text

GNA Meta-Library

Information Arcade Home Page

Irena - Web Connections Finder
Glean from a target page of this Web server all relevant hypertext links and their annotations.

Irena is is especially useful for locating links to resources referenced in long, complex and densly written HTML documents.

IS Workgroup, Search page

IWEB Search Service
This search engine periodically polls the hotlists and annotations of registered users.

It performs searches on this database for relevant links.

JumpStation II Front Page

LinkSearch [where.com]

Search a collection of mathematical Web material

Multi-WAIS Engine for Searching Commercial Hosts

NetSearch [Corext Group]
Simultaneous querying of a wide array of remote databases, plus immediate assimilation of results into a highly readable format.

Nomad Gateway
The WWW Nomad is a project between Rockwell Network Systems and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to

create a large pool of replicated Web Resource Locators.

Prototype WWW/SOLO server 1.0/1.0
A gateway using SOLO (RFC draft) to search several directories including X.500 Paradise. A SOLO libwww module is also available

Toad's hotlist searches

Verity Internet Virtual Library Search
Searchable index of documents of interest to those using and developing the world-wide web and its related technologies

Veronica (Gopher directory search)

W3 Search Engines

Wandex, the World Wide Web Wanderer Index

WebCrawler Searching
Willow Information Center

WWW Home Pages Broker (harvest)
This broker covers about 11,000 WWW home pages; it uses WAIS as an indexer/search subsystem.


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